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Women Independent Travellers, an initiative by Somans Leisure Tours, enables women to explore any destination on any of the 7 continents on earth, without any hassles. Whether it’s a solo travel, a travel with your partner or in an interest group, Somans takes care of everything from visa processing to accommodation, or any assistance to make your trip a hassle-free and memorable one.

This is an extension of Free Independent Traveller (FIT), a term widely used to mention people wish to travel independently, not in a group with a predefined itinerary.


Ladies Only Tour Packages

Somans’ Care

  • Healthcare support

  • Travel insurance

  • Legal assistance

  • Local guide support

  • Clothing tips
  • Baggage suggestions
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  • Visa processing assistance
  • Language assistance
  • 24 hr tele support
  • Climatic advice
  • Local transportation arrangement
  • Accommodation bookings

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Plan Your Trip

Planning a trip itself is a feel good exercise. So, why wait? Start planning you dream trip now. Let it be a solo one, or with a companion, or in a group of your choice, Somans Leisure Tours will help you fulfilling your dream.

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    Where to?

    Which destination is most important for you to visit on this trip?

    Add up to four more destinations you also want to visit on this same trip. Leave this blank if you do not wish to visit any other destinations.

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    How you want to travel?

    Select the total number of travelers.

    Select the ages of all your travel companions.

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    When will you be traveling?

    Select your approximate departure month

    Select your preferred duration

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    What type of lodging do you want?

    Lodging is the biggest factor in the price of your trip.

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    Final Details

    What is your budget per person?

    How strict is this budget?

    *The budget usually includes lodging, any guided tours and excursions, transfers, transportation, and some meals such as breakfast.
    *The budget usually does not include international flights and most meals.

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    How should we contact you?

    We need your contact information to send your saved trip request and communicate with you during the process. There’s no charge to start planning.

    Travel Tips For Women

    Safest option to visit destinations is group packages, but that ready-made itinerary doesn’t give you much freedom to follow your instincts. So, if you want to experience that unique trip that you wish to take, travel independently. We are here to guide you to travel safe.

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