FAQ - Somans Leisure Tours


Important Notes

  • Please ensure you leave a copy of passport, visa, travel insurance and tour itinerary along with contact numbers (if not yours, of the tour Manager who is accompanying you), with family members back home.
  • Holding a valid US/UK visa in an expired passport, you can travel with your current valid passport without having to obtain a visa again. You need to carry the old passport with you.

Is there any dress code to be followed on tour?

The most appropriate dressing is recommended at all times.

Can you do a pre seat allotment for your flight journey?

No. The airline allocates seats on first come first serve basis. However, you can pre-select a seat on payment to the airline. 

Is there any age limit for Travel Insurance?

A Travel Insurance for the entire tour period is provided irrespective of the age of the passenger.

Is a Tour Manager accompanying the group?

Yes, a tour manager will be accompanying the group right from the point of departure.

How can I make the payment for the tour?

(a) By cash, (b) Bank Transfer, (c) Cheque, (d) Credit Card.

Which are some of the Visa on arrival countries for Indian Passport Holders?

Thailand, Maldives, Indonesia, Mauritius, Seychelles, Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Kenya.

How many blank pages are required in the passport prior to travel?

Minimum 2 pages for each country.

What should be the validity of the passport at the time of travel?

Minimum of 6 months beyond the intended date of return from the tour.

How much foreign exchange can I carry on the tour and in what mode?

Currency USD 3000 or equivalent and Forex Card up to USD 10,000 or equivalent.

In case my visa is rejected, will I get a refund?

All visa fee/s is non-refundable.

What are the chances of getting visa?

Granting of Visa is at the sole discretion of the Consulate.

Can I carry my medicine?

Yes, with an original prescription

In case I fall sick, what assistance will be provided?

You will be directed to the nearest hospital and basic assistance will be provided.

How can I stay in touch with my family?

Yes, provided you have your own International Connectivity.

Can I get a flight upgrade?

Yes, at your own expense and subject to seat availability.

Can I meet my relatives/ friends who stay at the destination?

Yes, you can during your leisure time.

At any particular destination, can a friend or relative join the tour?

Yes, possible, provided they opt and purchase the land tour from us.

Can I take a wheelchair on tour?

The wheelchair will be provided by the airline, at the airport, subject to availability and minimum 10 days prior notice and medical certificate, as applicable.  On tour, the same is not applicable.

If by chance I misplace/lose my passport, what assistance will I get?

You will have to approach the nearest Indian High Commission or Consulate.

Can I avail just a part of the tour?

Yes. You can exclude airline tickets and opt for land tour only and pro-rata charges will apply

Will it be possible to extend my stay at a destination?

In most circumstances, you can extend your stay in any of the airlines online city, to extend from the last date of the tour to the last validity date of this ticket with additional charges. Sufficient advance notice is required.

General cancellation policy for the tour package.

Kindly check our webpage for Terms and conditions.

After obtaining a visa if the trip is cancelled due to a medical emergency or similar, what are the rules?

Our cancellation policy applies

Is my old passport required during travel?

No it is not required.  In case, you are holding a valid US/UK visa, then the old passport needs to be carried.

Entrance fees to various monuments / museums / parks included?

Yes, all included, as per the itinerary

Internal flights/cruise/ferry/yacht cost included?

Yes, all included, as per the itinerary.

What type of coach is used for transfers?

Most modern fleet of coaches.

How to avail a stopover in the inbound trip?

You can avail a stopover subject to seat availability. Stopover charges, taxes are to be borne by the passengers.

Can the point of departure/ arrival be changed?

No, the point of departure cannot be changed. However, the point of arrival can be changed and/or date can be altered, subject to approval from airline and fare difference and penalty to be borne by the passengers.

Excess baggage on travel?

All excess baggage cost to be borne by the passengers.

What is the baggage allowance?

As per the airline baggage rules and regulations*.

Can I request for a special meal?

Yes, subject to availability. One week prior notification required.

Is food cost included?

Yes, as per the tour itinerary only.

Type of food offered during the tour

Local food of the destination and Indian food.